Blacks Have Hurt Their Cause Due to Rioting in Ferguson

There is one thing the “activists” of Ferguson have accomplished and that’s to make non-blacks even more apathetic towards their “cause.” Images of looting, cars set on fire and businesses destroyed will be what stays in the minds of Americans, not Michael Brown being shot by a police officer. Most people are simply going to see what followed the grand jury’s decision as being wanton destruction and, rightly or wrongly, lump all blacks in with these rioters.

In the photo above is the “gentle giant” Michael Brown attacking the owner of the convenience store from where he was stealing some cigars.

Here is a photo of that same owner after his store was destroyed by the “protesters.”

The only thing the blacks of Ferguson hurt was themselves. They destroyed business in their neighborhood which helped create commerce, jobs, income, and diversity.

Of course, “protesting” police-on-black violence ignores the fact that 93% of blacks who are murdered meet their fate at the hands of other blacks.

Inter-racial violence is not a huge problem in the United States.

And yet, where is the “discussion” and “protest” against black-on-black violence?

Discussing this subject would be racist because it would involve critiquing black culture and lifestyles. And we can have any sort of a critical eye cast on those things, can we?

Blacks are a minority in this country and, whether they like it or not, the other 7% of black murders aren’t going to change if everybody else doesn’t care because they view black America as law-breaking looters.