50 places to find free eBooks

Reading on your iPad or Android device is one of the most effective ways to actually, you know, read. In other words, you’ll actually read things that you probably would not have normally. The ease of use of your iPad iPhone, and not, Kindle, and other mobile readers makes it extremely simple and fun to quickly pick up a book and start reading.

But where do you actually find some of these e-books? The following list details more than 50 separate e-book websites where you can download free and legal e-books. These e-books are for your iPad, Kindle, Android, and even your Mac and PCs.

Some of my favorite websites to download e-books include the American libraries Internet archive. This one is a great one this number four on the list because it details descriptions of each book and contains many free books and free text that you would not normally find a lot of these other websites.

I also like boatyards.com, digital libraries.com, and daily free books. A lot of these focus on specifically iPad or Kindle and don’t necessarily offer a lot of open books. However, they are free and depending on your device, a great place to find hundreds of books that you would normally not find anywhere else.