Ranch Dressing Pour vs Squeeze Bottles

This is a small, petty one, but one that bothers me nonetheless. Our family consumes plenty of ranch dressing. My family did I grew up in, and we continue to do so. My wife is the only one that prefers most anything other than ranch, but the rest of pretty much stick with it. The ranch is pretty much a staple at most restaurants I go to as well, but that is just an incidental.

What gets me is the newer bottles dressings come in, particularly ranch dressing. Some of them have started including a squeeze style spout that makes it much handier to control the flow vs the old standard pour method. There are some bottle styles where you know they will include the new squeeze style, but if you have a standard style bottle, it is a bit of hit or miss. Our local store doesn’t always stock the “known” bottle style, so when we purchase a regular bottle, it is pretty much hit or miss. We have looked the bottle over, and there is no indication which style spout you are getting.

I know, big deal, right? I beg to differ. When you have kids under the age of ten, and multiple of them at that, having a flow control spout is a point of interest. This is especially true when your previous bottle was a nice controlled version, and the new one isn’t. Kids and us adults for that matter get used to simply tipping over the bottle and squirting out how much you want. With a regular pour spout, this approach brings an unwelcome surprise. “Have a little salad with your dressing” is the common joke for the situation.

With a dressing such as a ranch, I just can’t see why you would ever not want a spout that controls the flow. Does anyone really like globs dressing spaced throughout your salad instead of a nice spread out small stream?

Of course, if I was really doing it the right way I would do the fork-dip method the weight loss programs suggest, but then that wouldn’t be all that much fun now would it?!